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Full Version: Purchase of a tester
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Hi, everybody!
Who in the practice met the device, similar to it:
There is a wish to buy an optimum set based on the ratio of the price and quality.
I will ask for suggestions where and it is better for them to buy.
To be honest, i would rather recommend getting a proper ESR/capacitance/diode/transistor (LOL, people still use these testers?) in a multimeter rather than buying that one.
Or, if you have the electronics skills needed, build your own (its pretty easy).
I have one of those devices, and so far it has worked with everything I tested, I double checked with my multi-meter and it was correct in all my tests.
I have a multimeter, rather quite good also it is quite happy.
But sometimes it is necessary to receive quickly parameters, for this purpose and I want to buy such device.