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Full Version: debian jessie
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I would like some guidance..
I am using a Orange pi pc2  1G ram  H5 chip
I have the unit running as follows:
1. use etcher to create image  
     image file used  Debian_Desktop_jessie_xfce4_PC2_V0_9_2.img.xz        672.9Mb
unit boots up fine
2. open a terminal    run   apt-get update
                   next run        apt-get upgrade
                   next run        apt-get ntp
                                        service ntp start 
the time in the clock should now be synced to time server and be current  ( I could not get any web browser to work until time was updated)

3 next I added synaptic   ( I like the software)
    open a terminal  and      apt-get install synaptic

now that the basics are present

4.  from applications menu  >> system  >>  synaptic
    the is the gui to add packages  I next added       gparted 
     the next piece of software added is                    iceweasel

5  gparted is now in the system group and can be used to resize the partitions
mine are as follows after expanding the ext4 partition (I am using a 16G sd card)
       /dev/mmcblk0p1    fat16   /boot     50.00Mib
       /dev/mmcblk0p2    ext4    /            14.5G

Now I have a responsive system with web browsing
I am using a hdmi monitor

1 I loaded kodi Jarvis but it was extremely sluggish and unusable... is there a solution?
2. I have very low sound on the audio jack .
  I do have a hdmi selection in my audio mixer    sndhdmi(alsa mixer)
     hdmi audio format   is set to pcm
    I have tried with sunxi daudio hub both enabled and disabled

 can I get sound out on the hdmi ?

thanks in advance