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Full Version: Streets of Rage Remake port - beta release
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Streets of Rage Remake - beta release

Installation instructions:
1. subscribe to and download to ~/RetroPie/roms/ports* before running the installation script
2. run RetroPie-Setup from RetroPie section
3. choose Update RetroPie-Setup script option from main menu
4. choose Manage packages - Experimental - sorr from main menu to install it
5. copy your Streets of Rage Remake files (SorR.dat, mod and palettes files) into ~/RetroPie/roms/ports/sorr/* after installation

* you can copy using the network share.

1. Runs at 60fps with proper settings - vsync off - auto frameskip - no HQ scaler
2. Alt+Enter centers window
3. Gamepad support (requires a keyboard/mouse for initial setup)

Known bug: not fullscreen in 720p

Workaround: reboot in 480p with 'sudo h3disp -m 2 && sudo reboot' from command line. To revert to 720p , run 'sudo h3disp -m 5 && sudo reboot'

Optional: edit ~/RetroPie/roms/ports/gamelist.xml to add picture and description to the port