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Full Version: Error when i start ropi on tv
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Hi everyone.
I own a opipc plus with ropi 4.1 on it.
Everything works fine when i plug it on the 24" pc monitor by hdmi but when i plug it on the tv ( tried both on a 42" and 32") i got the error u can see by the attachment.

What is the problem??
delete boot.bmp from sdcard (FAT partition)
It seem to work... But now i have another problem: i canged the resolution by h3disp command and i cannot start the so cause the monitor does not support that resolution. Is there in the fat partition a file where i can change the resolution back without enter un ropi?
Yes, the same partition, copy orangepipcplus.bin from the bin folder and replace script.bin on the root
Ty very much. Works like a charm