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Full Version: ROPi TRANSLATIONS - beta release
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ROPi TRANSLATIONS - beta release
EDIT 13/12/2017 - 11pm UTC-2: ALL Translations added.

Please help completing the full translation:

To get the update, please run 'Update RetrOrangePi' from our submenu. A 'Translations' option should appear.

Supported languages: portuguese*, spanish* (espaƱa), spanish (latin america), greek, dutch*, lithuanian, deutsch*, chinese*, hungarian, russian*, swedish, polish*, italian*, turkish and french*.
* includes retroarch translation as well [Image: 1f642.png]

There are still a lot of missing entries. We'll upload the language database so you can help filling the blanks. And, if your language is not listed, help us translating it!

RetrOrangePi Team

p.s.: enjoy the new ES splash, hope you like it. Once again, brought you by Stephen Miller plus our super colorization team.
What's the protocol to manipulate the excel file and add a language and it's respective translated strings?
Just follow the pattern on the above google sheet, we recompile the EmulationStation binary periodically
French is now Finish =)
sweet, so French is next in the update line.
hi ... how i can customize and localization menus ?
Hi, I have one OPI lite (with pink screen issue U.u) but I want to help with something... So, can I help traslating to Spanish? (I'm native spanish)

Thank you for all this work!!
Hi again, I alredy translated all the remainings sentences in Spanish and corrected others.

I also added a percentaje row on all languages and locked it with the english example to avoid mistake of editing or deleting.
Thanks so much, we will update the code soon and generate new binaries
I completed and corrected the German translation.
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