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Full Version: Error in changing resolution
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I had no problems in retrorange 3.1 to use an HDMI to DVI converter on a 1440x900 monitor. In Retrorange 4.1 I'm having trouble changing the resolution, the screen turns pink and the system crashes and can not return to the old resolution. What could be happening?
We are facing some issues with armbian uboot, its probably getting a fix next week when we return from holidays, for now, its better sticking with 720p
alguma novidade ?
in 720p try this from terminal:

sudo apt-get download linux-u-boot-orangepipc-default
sudo dpkg -i linux-u-boot*.deb

then change resolution and reboot

edit: replace with your board. Options are: bananapim2plus, orangepi2, orangepilite, orangepione, orangepipcplus, orangepiplus, orangepiplus2e, orangepizero, orangepizeroplus2-h3
messenger error

WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!
E: Some packages could not be authenticated
run 'sudo apt-get update' before

anyway, it seems it still does not fix boot. We added to next version bug list.
dpkg: error processing archive linux-u-boot-orangepipc-default_5.39_armhf.deb (--install):
conflicting packages - not installing linux-u-boot-orangepipc-default
Errors were encountered while processing: