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Full Version: Migration from 16gb to 32gb with the full size filesystem
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It's a question about the filesystem expanding. I use the "orange pi pc" for a long while with 16gb micro sd card. Currently, I found the space it's not enough. I consider to use "dd" to make a backup and "dd" to make this backup to 32 gb card. I think it is possible. I had been trying on "raspberry pi" to migrate from smaller card to the bigger card. 

After migration, it seems a way to implement a command for getting the full size filesystem. (raspberry pi)

Please give me an instrument about this matter. Thanks. Smile Smile
After copying the image, run 'sudo resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p3' in v3.0
Change partition if necessary
I remember to use gparted to accomplish it. There are some tutorial video on Youtube. ^^
Yes, gparted should work fine too