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Full Version: Orange Pi Zero with - 4.1 Rpi - expand filesystem?
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Thank you for having take in consideration my remarks in the beta thread.
The new iso is about 7Gb with 1.4Gb available, but it seems the filesystem have not been expanded on first (or second) boot. My card is 32Gb.
Is there an easy way to do this (an automated script ?)

I noticed also N64 standalone emulators are not working, even if I change resolution in mupen64plus.cfg
As I'm not sure what is exactly the problem, you may helps me with the logs:

Thank you!
The automated resizing script is in the Desktop, we will put a note on the download page (it's only on facebook). I thought i've tested Mupen, it's probably some duplicate library in conflict. Will check that.
Thank you Alex Smile
I didn't noticed the script as I didn't launched the desktop yet.
Looks like i got to fix N64 standalone emus. Run Update RetrOrangePi again from our menu ,reboot then test.
Cool Well done!
Can I ask you to try just one thing on your Opi PC: launch a N64 game with lr-glupen64, then with lr-mupen64 and tell me if controls are the same (A and B buttons)
I wonder if I am the only one to have inverted controls (however that's not very important)
Yes, they're swapped indeed. Press Select + X , Quick Menu, Controls, change default mappings for C buttons then click Save Core Remap File
ok tk you Alex.