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Full Version: USB roms feature
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- format an USB drive to FAT32
- download or (RetroStone only)
- extract contents of tarball (roms, BIOS, music, splashscreens and retropiemenu folders) to the root of the drive
- populate roms folders
- power on the board with usb drive inserted

NOTE: roms will play from USB, there will no copying from USB to sdcard or emmc
How do I get the roms to auto copy from the USB over to the SD card?
There is no such feature. Please refer to "adding roms to slim" for the available options
I have formatted a USB drive in FAt32
I have added roms files to the folders within the usb "snez" files have snez roms in.
I have tried unzipping the files within the snez folder and left them zipped.
I start the Retrostone up and no games show up when zipped and unzipped in the menu.
it's not snez, it's snes and you have to uncompress the file structure above. It's a v4.2 feature only, it wont work in previous versions.
Thanks for the advice. Might want to update the top post to say it is only a feature of V4.2. Thanks for your time.
It's inside v4.2 section
one question, can this work on ext harddisk with different partition?
for say, i have a harddisk which contains 2 partition, partition 1 is formatted to NTFS for normal use and another is formatted yo FAT32 for this usb rom.

will it work?
Edit /etc/rc.local with sudo nano and change sda1 to sda2.
I have problem extracting the folder into my harddisk using windows.

There are two files, identified by the windows, having same name, just the letters are in different case.
1) disable_sdcard.SH

There are both in the folder ./retropiemenu/RetrOrangePi/eMMC

How to solve this? Thanks.
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