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Full Version: where to connect a fan for manual switch
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I bought a fan for my Orange Pi Zero 
. It is a 25x25mm .fan with a red wire and a black wire.
I want to use it to make air flow and reduce temperature.
But with a manual switch so I can just switch it off with a button in the case.
My question is: where  do I plug the red and the  black wires so it works all the time ? it is a 5v fan.
Thank you!
red - pin 1 (5V)
black - pin 2 (GND)
Thank you so much!
Seems there is a problem. I have the fan connected to those pins but it doesn't move. Do I have to do something to activate the expansion port pins so it works?
I fixed it! It seems I turned the screws too much. After loosing them, the fan can turn.
It is also a fan for 12/5V and at 5V it needs that you push it a bit like in an old car to start turning. Once it starts, it goes all alone
It has lowered the temp 12 degrees and makes no noise.