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Full Version: GPU Drivers for OrangePi 3
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You have closed the previous post indicating that there were no drivers gpu for orangepi 3.

so, I have the orangepi 3 for android with retroarch + arcbrowser running full games.
The difficulty is that it's a completely different operating system. Android is not a Linux distribution. The only thing that's common between Android and GNU/X11/Apache/Linux/TeX/Perl/Python/FreeCiv (usually known as “Linux” or “Linux distributions”) is the Linux kernel. Linux is based on POSIX-based APIs, the X Window System for the graphical interface, and many libraries that build upon these foundations, using core concepts such as processes, files, pipes and windows. Android is based on its own Java APIs with specific concepts, using core concepts such as activities, services, binders and intents.
In the version of Armbian for Orange Pi 3 of ubuntu I was able to install the graphic environment desktop of Ubunto and it was quite good.
CPU accelerated.