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Full Version: Logitech F310 gamepad
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Hey all,

I installed RetrOrangePi 4.2 on my OrangePi Lite, but I can't get my Logitech F310 gamepad to work properly. I did quite a bit of reading around and found a lot of references where people say that reinstalling xpad fixed ti fore them. However all of these discussions were for RetroPie - installing xpad on RetrOrangePi just killed the gamepad completely. The symptoms are the trigger button being registered twice (configuring it as switch rather than analog supposedly fixes it) but bigger problem is that the documented button combos don't do what they are supposed to (exit the emulator, etc...)

Anyone got it working with RetrOrangePi? At the moment I am betting all my hopes on the upcoming 4.3 release. Undecided

v4.3 will be released in the next days, with mainline kernel so better hardware support can be expected, at least for USB devices
Thanks Alex, I'll wait for 4.3 and hope for the best! Smile