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Full Version: 4.3 Full for Orange Pi One
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any chance to release the 4.3 Full for my Opi One?   Sad


P.S. I'm thinking about to buy the new and awesome Orange Pi 3 (Allwinner H6), any chance to have retrorange pi 4.3 on this board?
(09-28-2019, 12:11 PM)alexkidd Wrote: [ -> ]
Please test

Ok, I'll test it, thanks.
I already downloaded (I couldn't wait Big Grin) and used Orange Pi PC Plus rom and it seems to work fine. So far I noticed a problem with samba: it was missing, I had to install it, shares seemed to be already configured.
Please report if One image works as I have noticed issues with 512MB ram board images
Hi, I don't want to be annoying, but when will it be for OPI lite?
i tested and not audio but is stable
Yes, at the moment it’s not booting out of the box with kernel 5
4.19 works
So... I tested rom (Pi One) and this is what I noticed so far:

- No Audio from HDMI - "Unable to open SDL Audio" error (it works with OrangePi PC Plus rom)

- Network error with consequent segmentation fault during scraping with integrated scraping

- OTG port not working anymore (I used with mini mouse/keyboard radio connected that still works on usb)

- I couldn't exit from psp emu (I had to reboot from ssh)

- Can't change keyboard layout from EN to any other language in armbian config (same problem in 4.2)
Ok, I'm now testing "official" 4.3 Orange PI PC form my OPI One... Seems to work fine, also amiga emulation with Amiberry works! Thanks for now.
if sound isnt working, try to edit /etc/asound.conf with sudo nano and change card to 0 and hw:1,0 to hw:0,0
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