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  About the hardware corresponding and which one has the best performance
Posted by: Himyorange - 11-30-2018, 03:16 AM - Forum: HARDWARE DISCUSSION - Replies (1)

I confuse about the hardware board to correspond to its image file. 

Maybe there are many board and its name is similar. 

I confuse about the "orange pi zero". The image files are these below:

  1. Orange Pi Zero NTSC
  2. Orange Pi Zero PAL
  3. Orange Pi Zero PLUS2 H3
I guess 1 & 2 are on the same hardware but the different monitor screen specification, NTSC & PAL.

There are three boards on the https://www.orangepi.org

  1. "Orange Pi Zero" It has two version-256 and 512 RAM size for choice. H2+ cpu is used on this board. http://www.orangepi.org/orangepizero/
  2. "Orange Pi Zero Plus" It has only one 512 RAM size version. H5 cpu is used on this board. http://www.orangepi.org/OrangePiZeroPlus/
  3. "Orange Pi Zero Plus 2" It has two version-H3 and H5 cpu for choice. Only 512 RAM size is on both two versions. http://www.orangepi.org/OrangePiZeroPlus2/

So, according to the above list, "Orange Pi Zero Plus" is not supported to any image file. But, "Orange Pi Zero" and "Orange Pi Zero Plus 2" have the corresponding images individually. 

Smile  Am I right above?

In addition, which one has the best performance?

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  GPIO slow init on startup
Posted by: aiiaiiiyo - 11-29-2018, 10:34 AM - Forum: SUPPORT - Replies (10)


I was able to make the GPIO work with the built in tz_service on a banana pi m2 zero. However I'm facing an issue with slow init of the service/script.

On startup I'm just staring at emulationstation. It is fully loaded, but the buttons are not responding. A good minute needs to pass so I be able to use the controller.
It is not a big issue, I just consider it as an additional boot time.

What frustrates me is that when I start a game it seems like retroarch is resetting or reinitializing the service/script again and I need to wait for a good minute again until I can use the GPIO buttons ingame.

Somebody please give me some tips where should I start getting to the bottom of this issue.

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  Don't Working GPIO Joypad on OPi Zero...
Posted by: intelis - 11-28-2018, 04:53 PM - Forum: RetrOrangePi v4.2 version - Replies (3)

I want to make GB Zero using Opi Zero.
I am blocked from connecting the controller to the GPIO.
I've been halfway through it, but I can not go any further.
I need your advice.

RetrOrangePi v4.2 Full version has a bug and I'm working on 4.1.
It works well on my first controller autoconfiguration and works fine on ES.
But when I play Game, the controller does not work at all.

I do not know how to find the cause.
(I trying edit "/opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg")
I looked for a clue that did not work and gave up.

I'd like a little clue.

<<<<   tz_gpio_controller.py   >>>>>

#--------------- define botoes -----------------
# ---- PLAYER 1 ---------#
bt_up_p1 = port.PA12
bt_down_p1 = port.PA11
bt_left_p1 = port.PA6
bt_right_p1 = port.PA1

bt_l_p1 = port.PA0
bt_x_p1 = port.PA3
bt_y_p1 = port.PA10
bt_r_p1 = port.PA2
bt_b_p1 = port.PA18
bt_a_p1 = port.PA19

bt_select_p1 = port.PA7
bt_start_p1 = port.PG7

bt_left_trigger_p1 = port.PG6
bt_right_trigger_p1 = port.PA19

<<<<<<<<<<< mapping.h >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

gpio_t gpio[] = {

            {   "PA12",  SUNXI_GPA(12),  3   },
            {   "PA11",  SUNXI_GPA(11),  5   },
            {   "PA6",   SUNXI_GPA(6),   7   },
            {   "PA1",   SUNXI_GPA(1),   11  },
            {   "PA0",   SUNXI_GPA(0),   13  },
            {   "PA3",   SUNXI_GPA(3),   15  },
            {   "PA15",  SUNXI_GPA(15),  19  },
            {   "PA16",  SUNXI_GPA(16),  21  },
            {   "PA14",  SUNXI_GPA(14),  23  },
            {   "PG6",   SUNXI_GPG(6),   8   },
            {   "PG7",   SUNXI_GPG(7),   10  },
            {   "PA7",   SUNXI_GPA(7),   12  },
            {   "PA19",  SUNXI_GPA(19),  16  },
            {   "PA18",  SUNXI_GPA(18),  18  },
            {   "PA2",   SUNXI_GPA(2),   22  },
            {   "PA13",  SUNXI_GPA(13),  24  },
            {   "PA10",  SUNXI_GPA(10),  26  },


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  Banana Pi M2 Berry
Posted by: Liontek1985 - 11-26-2018, 01:48 PM - Forum: HARDWARE DISCUSSION - Replies (1)

Hello Guys,

Is the Banana Pi M2 Berry compatible with retrorangepi?

quad-core cortex -A7 V40
MALI-400 MP2 @ 500MHz
1GB DDR3 SDRAM (shared with GPU)
Storage Support
MicroSD Card(up to 64GB)/SATA
Onboard Network
10/100/1000Mbps ethernet (Realtek RTL8211E/D)
802.11 b/g/n (AP6212)
BT4.0 (AP6212)

i want to buy and test it

best regards fredy

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  New problem with booting
Posted by: BobRooney - 11-25-2018, 08:52 PM - Forum: Retrostone - Replies (1)

Hello again. 

So my retrostone has been working pretty well over the last month or two. It occasionally gets stuck in the blue/white boot screen, but usually powering it off and on (sometimes takes a few attempts) gets it up and running and then it's fine. 

However just today, it will not boot at all. On the first power up, it got past the blue/white screen, hit the retrorangepi splash screen, then came up with an error that no games were loaded. At that point, I couldn't do anything and had to shut it off. Ever since then, it will not go past the blue/white screen. I've probably powered it off and on no less than 50 times by now. 

It doesn't seem to change anything if I power it up with or without a SIM card in it, so I don't know if it is a software or hardware issue at this point? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  mupen64plus-glide64 rom problem
Posted by: naik - 11-25-2018, 05:27 PM - Forum: RetrOrangePi v4.2 version - Replies (2)

Hello! im here updating to slim and have a problem with n64 emulation, the mupen64-glide64 does not work, i tried with all my old roms and nothing. I used to play Smash bros. with it (play a lot btw) and play without much lag with 3 or 4 players

but now i try lr-mupen64plus, works fine for 2p versus but not for 3-4 players (slow)

how can fix glide64?

Thanks and gratz to opi team for the slim release Big Grin

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  error of install 4.2 full
Posted by: indevor - 11-23-2018, 06:08 PM - Forum: RetrOrangePi v4.2 version - Replies (6)

I apologize if it was already ..
Orange pi zero plus 2, 4.2 full download and installation with Win32DiskImager, or balenaEtcher-Portable-1.4.7-x64 and I get error install 

mmc 0:1 - SD
mmc 1:1 - eMMC (other armbian sys) - boot ok.

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Posted by: Liontek1985 - 11-23-2018, 07:53 AM - Forum: Own development of participants - No Replies

Hello Guys

I show you my project "tekcommand"

Tekcommand is a Picture set for "run command splash" for all Emulators on retropie, pi, ropi, odroid
Now iam have over 60 Systems

-8Bit PNG-Files
-1080p HD images
-low memory usage (100-300kb per picture)

I have spent many time in this project 

In the next time i go online on github with the project.

best regards Fredy

more from that

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  Nice setup for scanlines
Posted by: Marco Verhoeven - 11-22-2018, 11:23 PM - Forum: Retrostone - Replies (2)

I was looking for a nice scanline setup for the retrostone and this is what i like:

You need to download the overlays from retroarch.
Select the overlay from the directory “WII” scanlinesbold.cfg
Settings Overlay Opacity 0.28
Settings Scale 1.28

If anyone else has a better setup then let me know.

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  Orange Pi Win PLUS ? Its Works?
Posted by: geezerbutler - 11-22-2018, 05:38 PM - Forum: HARDWARE DISCUSSION - Replies (1)

Hi buddys, well I have a big problem. I bought the Orange Pi Win Plus with 2 Gb Ram but I discover that don`t have any RetrorangePi version or other OS for this board. I really need use this board to run retro Arcade Games.

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