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  Common hardware issues and solutions
Posted by: Sikotik - 11-07-2016, 05:40 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (1)

The most common causes of intermittent hardware problems and boot failures are inadequate power from your power supply and corrupted or underrated SD cards.

A quality 5 Volt 3 Amp power supply should be more than enough to power your pi and most of the peripherals you're likely to attach to it.

Class 10 micro SD cards are the best for Orange Pi. I've personally been using Sandisk brand 64 GB class 10 cards in my Plus 2.

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  arduino based gamepads or arcade sticks
Posted by: Sikotik - 11-07-2016, 03:32 AM - Forum: Hardware - No Replies

Jarno Lehtinen wrote:

If anyone needs any kind of joystick or gamepad adapter, or make your own joystick or arcade panel, ATmega32U4 based Arduinos are pure gold. Cheapest ones are about $4. Atmega chips which ends to U2 or U4 means that chip includes USB-stuff and HID-device. You can make it keyboard or joystick or mouse (even same time). Works virtually every device with USB HID support, including Android tablets and phones and of course computers and Orange Pi. Easiest are joysticks and gamepads where one pin covers one switch (like in Atari-joysticks or DIY arcade cabinet panel).
Today my friend wanted to use Sega Genesis controller with RetrOrange Pi and ready made adapters are expensive and good USB-controller are hard to get (Amazon doesn't ship most electronics to Finland). $4 Arduino and two joystick ports (9-pin D-connector) from spareparts Commodore 64 and after couple of hours I was playing RetrOrange Pi emulators with Genesis controller.
Genesis controller is not easiest, because X,Y,Z buttons are read very awkward, but it's no problem to Arduino (it may be hard to implement same with Orange Pi GPIO):
Great Joystick library for Arduino:
Actually, normal Arduino Uno includes 16U2 too (along with 328P), and you can use it as HID-device. I used this before I got ATmega32U4 based Arduinos:



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  GPIO Pinout
Posted by: Sikotik - 11-07-2016, 01:30 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (2)

Here's a diagram of the Orange Pi GPIO pins


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  Enable SpDIF-output (some soldering required)
Posted by: Sikotik - 11-07-2016, 01:09 AM - Forum: Hardware - Replies (6)

I activated SPDIF-output:
bin2fex /boot/script.bin > ~/script.fex
edit script.fex:
spdif_used = 1
spdif_dout = portTongueA17<2><1><default><default>
hub_used = 0
codec_used = 1
spdif_used = 1
hdmi_used = 1
sudo mv /boot/script.bin /boot/script.bin.bak
sudo fex2bin script.fex /boot/script.bin
(you can also modprobe modules directly, so you don't have to reboot)
dmesg says:
[ 9.869689] asoc: sndspdif <-> spdif0 mapping ok
pi@RetrOrangePi:~$ cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [audiocodec ]: audiocodec - audiocodec
1 [sndhdmi ]: sndhdmi - sndhdmi
2 [sndspdif ]: sndspdif - sndspdif
Tiny problem though... Where is easiest way to make connection to PA17? Is it even possible?
PA17 is pin 4 in camera connector. Soldering is not easy, but possible. It would be possible to do SPDIF-adaptor for camera-connector.
I soldered cable to pin 4 and took GND from GPIO-header. Audio works. Also passthrough DD and DTS works.

 I used very cheap USB solderin iron. My only iron with very sharp tip:
react-text: 818

/react-text I tested with DD and DTS passthrough and as suspected, it works.
I tested with mplayer and VLC:

cvlc --alsa-audio-device hw:2,0 --spdif "Bjorn_Lynne-Voyager_(surround).ac3"

mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=2.0 -ac hwac3 "Bjorn_Lynne-Voyager_(surround).ac3"

cvlc --alsa-audio-device hw:2,0 --spdif --novideo dtspiano.vob

mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=2.0 -ac hwdts -vo null dtspiano.vob


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  Telegram OPi group
Posted by: morgan - 11-03-2016, 10:25 AM - Forum: Smoke Room - Replies (2)

Hi guys.

Does anyone using text messaging software "Telegram" (iOS, Win, Linux, Android...)? There is option to make a group. It would be nice if I make group about OrangePi and add you. We can communicate in cause of problem faster Smile Also there you can share photos, videos, files, etc.

If you click on THIS link you can add self to the group.

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  Snow in Moscow
Posted by: Alius - 11-03-2016, 04:41 AM - Forum: Smoke Room - Replies (6)

Today in Moscow the heavy snowfall began really.
35 kilometers before operation I went more than 1 hour 30 minutes and it very quickly.
The way home as I think, will take 2-3 hours...

[Image: 3ebef0898b714191dbb81a77e9f49684.jpg]
[Image: 6884ce4d71adf3bbdbbf671b0f9f8349.jpg]
[Image: 1e777f460622e596468160b009d13025.jpg]
[Image: 5e76180583e41edacdd80f19c54095a0.jpg]

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Lightbulb moonbian (AKA md-debian)
Posted by: moondeck - 11-01-2016, 10:24 AM - Forum: Debian - Replies (15)

Hello everyone,
I have a build system for Debian on Orange Pi One and Orange Pi PC (+).

LAST UPDATE 12 December 2016

I do not supply images anymore. You compile them yourself.

There is support for CLI and XFCE, i can provide other display managers should someone need it, just post it here or PM me.
Also, if you want your board supported, you can be a tester, or get me a board.

The image ships with a highly-optimized kernel, Sambooca-H3, can be found here: https://github.com/SvenKayser/Sambooca-Kernel-H3
Because almost everything in the kernel is provided as a module, this allows the system to take 41 megabytes of RAM when idling.
There is no clutter, it only comes with wpa_supplicant and iw installed, to make it easier to connect to wireless networks, which is usually the case with SBCs like Orange Pi.
No custom login MOTDs, no non-free software by default. By the end of the month i am planning to set up a repository to ship kernel updates and H3-specific system utilities.
The system is shipped with sane thermal settings, you should however install at least a heat sink to cool the processor under heavy load.

My system also has support for hardware acceleration (Mali, etc.), the userspace packages will be hosted in the repo once i get it running. If someone needs it i can also post it.

For now, Orange Pi PC (+) has an both a CLI image and XFCE. Orange Pi one has only a CLI image, but a newer one is incoming, also one with XFCE.

To compile the images you are gonna need:

ARM GCC cross-compiler
dialog (bash utility)
build-essential on Debian (or your distro of choice)
a cup of tea/coffee

FOR ORANGE PI PC+ and other eMMC boards:
To install to eMMC, just type "install2emmc.sh" without the quotes into the terminal (as root) and it will do it automatically.


Type in "fdisk /dev/mmcblk0" and press enter if running from SD
Then type "d" and press enter, type "n" and press enter 4 times. Then type in "w" and press enter, then exit fdisk.
Now, type "resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p1" and press enter, wait for the process to finish.

Build system for the image is here:

Also a website is on the way, this should be ready by the end of the month.
Please,if you have any suggestions or feature requests, do not hesitate to ask.
Also, what board should be supported next?

If you have any problem, ask away too.


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