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Famicom Disc System - duke2k7 - 08-20-2017

Is there a theme fix for this?

Obvs the tronkyFran theme looks amazeballs but the FDS is just a white screen. Looks poo next to the other amazing artwork...


RE: Famicom Disc System - alexkidd - 08-20-2017

Yes, you just have to edit /opt/retropie/configs/all/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg , locate fds section, change theme from fds to famicom , it should fix Tronkyfran and other themes as well.

[Image: fds.png]

RE: Famicom Disc System - duke2k7 - 08-20-2017

I really cannot thank you guys enough. Im having a great time learning all about the stuff 'under the hood' so thank you thank you thank you!

You're frikkin legends!!!!!! Big Grin