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RetroEngine Sigma - Update from IndieGoGo - duke2k7 - 08-21-2017

So guys,

I've now (with much help from you) fixed up a fresh image of RetrOrangePi fully working with my favourite games, but I did send an email to what I thought was Doyodo yesterday...

Basically, the email read as a genuine customer complaint having found out they had re-marketed a cheap motherboard, patched (very badly) the RetrOrangePi OS and bundled it as a commercial package which isn't allowed and basically how I felt incredibly ripped-off, just like the 7000-odd other customers.

Transpires the email address it came from (although labelled RetroEngine) was actually from Indiegogo, who have emailed me back today telling me that they are beginning an investigation into the whole RetroEngine Sigma farce, especially in respect of them using prohibited software to get people to buy from them.

I imagine that I will soon be getting regular emails from IndieGoGo's legal team....

I didnt forsee me being a crusader for RetrOrangePi when I backed this campaign lol.

Ill keep you all posted.

RE: RetroEngine Sigma - Update from IndieGoGo - alexkidd - 08-22-2017

While i appreciate this, i really dont have high hopes they (IndieGoGo or Doyodo) would fix the situation any better. Concerning the software, opensource is allowed to be sold, not the non-commercial cores, but they were smart enough to include a installer, leaving the decision of installing the emulation component up to the user. So that way they could stay "legal".

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