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Orange pi zero h3 512mb help - Merlin3D - 03-07-2018

I have no access to the Internet where I'm staying and can't hook my pi to it so I can ssh edit the script.bin boot to make the image ntsc can someone make a image with it already edited so I can work on my retrorangepi 4.1 before i had to hardwire it with ether net and use a ssh app on my phone to edit the 3.0 version but now that I moved I have no way of doing that hopefully can resize the sd card after installed. On the 3.0 version I have is on a 8gb card and it's the slim version I tried loading it on a 64gb card and tried to use the resize option in the retropie setup but it didn't do anything.. please help I'd really like to get a 4.1 version running but so far on the pis I have it doesn't work.

RE: Orange pi zero h3 512mb help - alexkidd - 03-07-2018

download and replace script.bin

edit: is the board an Orange Pi Zero H2 or Orange Pi Zero Plus2 H3?