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ZX-Spectrum (lr-fuse) keyboard access - znoxx - 05-07-2018

To get ZX-Spectrum emulation working, there are some weird steps.

Keyboard is not accessible, and it is not possible to configure input in e.g. game menu

To make it accessible, you need to get to emulator configuration via select+x, then

Select "none" as input device for player 1
Select "none" as input device for player 2
Select "sinclair keyboard" as input device for player 3

Actually step are described there:

My question -- how I can set this as default settings ? Even I restart the game, it still uses those "factory presets"... It will be very handy have only keyboard configured, since a LOT of games have menu selection. Also saving this "per game" is not a good option, since there are thousands of titles....


RE: ZX-Spectrum (lr-fuse) keyboard access - alexkidd - 05-07-2018

I'll take a look i'm not too familiar with Spectrum configuration ,but did you try the option Save Core Overrides? It should work for all games, at least it does work for other platforms i've tested.
About the keyboard, did you try to map it from ES menu? Usually when you do, it works automatically in Retroarch/Libretro cores

RE: ZX-Spectrum (lr-fuse) keyboard access - znoxx - 05-07-2018

Will try to override core.
Thanks for the hint.

RE: ZX-Spectrum (lr-fuse) keyboard access - znoxx - 05-08-2018

Just remapped as described in manual and did "Save Core override". Works like charm!

Also, may be useful. Working scanlines (for Orange) are here:

I'm running "Renegade" like on good old glass TV Smile