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GPIO (one more time) - znoxx - 05-13-2018


I have a couple of spare non-working gamepads and I'm pretty sure I can wire them using this diagram:

But I don't understand couple of things, can anyone clarify please:

1) When button is pressed, let's say "A" on Joy1, that means GPIO25 is shortened with "GND" -- pulled down ? OR ? to 3.3v via resistor (up) ? which nominal should be used then ?
2) Let's imaging everything is wired, and I need now somehow let the system understand that GPIO pads are connected. What is the next step ? Any kind of module load ? Config edited ?

Please help.
Thanks in advance

RE: GPIO (one more time) - alexkidd - 05-13-2018

Install GPIO support from RetrOrangePi menu, a python script will start . This diagram works for most users.