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h3disp and 1366x768 - naik - 05-19-2018

Hello! Big Grin  im a newbie on this forum (and in the OPI world too) and have a question about the resolution of RetrOrangepi 4.1 PC.

My tv works on 1366x768 and looking in the options in h3disp doesn't appears, i tried with "h3disp -m 34" for 1360x768 and the screen goes black. so fix with putty and put in 720p mode for try "-m 1366x768" and said illegal reso.

everythings works fine but id like to fix the little desktop resolution problem on my tv

RE: h3disp and 1366x768 - alexkidd - 05-19-2018

unfortunately we cannot offer a solution. From what we've been investigating, some resolutions are not compatible with the legacy kernel used in our image. And there is still no expected migration to mainline kernel.

RE: h3disp and 1366x768 - naik - 05-19-2018

i see... thanks for the fast answer.

can another resolution keep the aspect ratio of 1366x768? only the corners of the desktop mode are missing, the emulationstation and retroarch works fine

RE: h3disp and 1366x768 - alexkidd - 05-19-2018

1280x720 and 1366x768 have close to equal aspect. Problem is the overscan with some HD screens, it's fixable using the remote control aspect function or using an HDMI-VGA adapter
check this:
also search for hdmi overscan and you'll see