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Arcade monitor 15khz - ribasrogerio - 07-09-2018

I have an OPI Plus 2 with ROPI 4.1 installed, I want to connect it to a 15khz CRT Arcade monitor, I am using an HDMI> VGA adapter and a GBS 8100 card to get the 15khz, which file or configuration should I change to display 640x480 resolution and aspect ratio 4: 3?

RE: Arcade monitor 15khz - alexkidd - 07-09-2018

640x480 does not seem to be supported by h3disp (armbian utility) with HDMI. You can try to run "sudo h3disp -m 31" to achieve 800x480
as we dont have that hardware , we're not able to troubleshoot. Make sure to backup the script.bin file from the /boot folder so you can revert back if it fails without having to reflash the image.

RE: Arcade monitor 15khz - ribasrogerio - 07-10-2018

It worked, I was able to view with the resolution of 800x480 now I want to test other system resources.
Thank you so much!