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v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - alexkidd - 08-05-2018

- New images: Banana Pi M2+ Zero, RetroStone Pi, Sunvell R69, NanoPi M1 and Orange Pi 2
- Full featured OS in less than 2GB
- Armbian v5.54 with lots of improvements (default legacy kernel)
- USB roms autoload
- EmulationStation v2.8.0 featuring gridview support
- RetroPie-Setup v4.4.2 (updated weekly)
- Latest Retroarch 1.6.9 - Retroachievements tested
- All Libretro cores updated
- GPIO drivers included with NES controller support
- PPSSPP v1.54
- Mupen64Plus 2.51 with Rice and Glide64mk2 (hires textures support)
- AdvanceMAME 3.8
- Hyperion theme default
- Most system dependencies installed, including basic X11 (OpenBOX)

RE: v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - djcasl - 08-08-2018

I tried the eMMC install in PC Plus, but the system won't boot from eMMC in 4.2. Maybe create a Slim image support of findings thread in the 4.2 forum section

Got: error on screen eMMC boot

Updates don't seem to work either on PC Plus, i'll try with fresh install.
UPDATE: Figured out why updates don't work, the on board ethernet is not enabled or not working. Doesn't have an IP address.

First boot takes a long time and I get <6 on screen for a couple of minutes.

RE: v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - alexkidd - 08-08-2018

Install via armbian-config
Old installers won't work

RE: v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - alexkidd - 08-08-2018

About sections, open a new thread as you want, I will organize things later

RE: v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - djcasl - 08-08-2018

(08-08-2018, 02:41 PM)alexkidd Wrote: About sections, open a new thread as you want, I will organize things later

OK wil put this info in a new thread

RE: v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - jgsanders - 08-15-2018

Just tried downloading and unzipping the RetroStone Pi image, and unzip fails.

I get these messages via WinRAR:
"Unknown method in RetrOrangePi_4.2_SLIM_Armbian_5.54_Retrostone_Debian_jessie_default_3.4.113.img"
"operation failed"

And when I try to flash that .img file to an SD card anyway, I get this message via Win32DiskImager: "The specified file contains no data"


RE: v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - alexkidd - 08-15-2018

Something went wrong with the download, try again

RE: v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - gxb - 08-21-2018

Since the facebook group has shut down the commenting, do we have updated images with the needed fixes now?

RE: v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - alexkidd - 08-21-2018

not yet, i'm finishing full release, might replace it maybe, just a gig more, maybe it would be a slim plus!

RE: v4.2 SLIM RELEASE - vale909 - 08-30-2018

Good evening

I put the 4.2 slim on sd, I tried to install it on EMMC (4.1) but seems that it can't sill see EMMC for ORANGE PI PLUS 2E...
what can i do?

Thanx in advance