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USB roms feature - alexkidd - 08-05-2018

- format an USB drive to FAT32
- download or (RetroStone only)
- extract contents of tarball (roms, BIOS, music, splashscreens and retropiemenu folders) to the root of the drive
- populate roms folders
- power on the board with usb drive inserted

NOTE: roms will play from USB, there will no copying from USB to sdcard or emmc

RE: USB roms feature - jgsanders - 08-15-2018

How do I get the roms to auto copy from the USB over to the SD card?

RE: USB roms feature - alexkidd - 08-15-2018

There is no such feature. Please refer to "adding roms to slim" for the available options

RE: USB roms feature - GF0rce - 08-24-2018

I have formatted a USB drive in FAt32
I have added roms files to the folders within the usb "snez" files have snez roms in.
I have tried unzipping the files within the snez folder and left them zipped.
I start the Retrostone up and no games show up when zipped and unzipped in the menu.

RE: USB roms feature - alexkidd - 08-24-2018

it's not snez, it's snes and you have to uncompress the file structure above. It's a v4.2 feature only, it wont work in previous versions.

RE: USB roms feature - GF0rce - 08-24-2018

Thanks for the advice. Might want to update the top post to say it is only a feature of V4.2. Thanks for your time.

RE: USB roms feature - alexkidd - 08-24-2018

It's inside v4.2 section

RE: USB roms feature - genzi0401 - 10-01-2018

one question, can this work on ext harddisk with different partition?
for say, i have a harddisk which contains 2 partition, partition 1 is formatted to NTFS for normal use and another is formatted yo FAT32 for this usb rom.

will it work?

RE: USB roms feature - alexkidd - 10-01-2018

Edit /etc/rc.local with sudo nano and change sda1 to sda2.

RE: USB roms feature - genzi0401 - 10-01-2018

I have problem extracting the folder into my harddisk using windows.

There are two files, identified by the windows, having same name, just the letters are in different case.
1) disable_sdcard.SH

There are both in the folder ./retropiemenu/RetrOrangePi/eMMC

How to solve this? Thanks.