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Adding roms to SLIM image - alexkidd - 08-07-2018

IMPORTANT: Orange, Banana and Raspberry Pis are all linux SBCs (single board computers). OS runs on Linux partitions so you won’t have native access to it using a Windows PC. To add your games (roms) , you can:

  1. Use Samba shares - plug an Ethernet cable, reboot the unit, check the assigned IP (from RetroPie menu) and connect from Windows explorer: \\192.168.x.x (for example)
  2. Install 3rd party apps like Ext2FSD and Paragon to enable EXT4 support in Windows
  3. Load your roms straight from USB – check the autoload feature thread
  4. Use your linux skills: plug an USB drive with your roms, mount the drive, copy them to /home/pi/RetroPie/roms (learn this, it ain't hard!)

RE: Adding roms to SLIM image - bodtx - 08-10-2018

If image is installed on emmc, can i mount sd card on home/pi/RetroPie/roms ans put the roms in there?

RE: Adding roms to SLIM image - alexkidd - 08-10-2018

Yes, I'm adding an automatic script that will take care of it

Turn on RetrOrange Pi and once it booted press F4 to go into console.
Type command: wget
Type command: sudo cp rc.local /etc
Type command: sudo shutdown
Follow n.3 above for the sdcard
Reinsert the SD card, power on the system and you should boot from eMMC and have all your roms on the SD card

RE: Adding roms to SLIM image - bodtx - 08-11-2018

I took a look at your script, it is good as it mount sd card  or USB automatically .

When there is emmc I understand that mmcblk1p1 is emmc and mmcblk0p1 is sdcard?
I see that you mount all the retropi directory not only roms. Will it replace the original retropi installed on emmc and slow the system?
Not at home will test soon, thx

RE: Adding roms to SLIM image - alexkidd - 08-11-2018

mmcblk0p1 will be sdcard whenever it's inserted , otherwise it's emmc