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About the Retrostone - alexkidd - 08-10-2018

Hello guys, the Retrostone is a campaign from one of our users: Pierre-Louis Boyer , the creator of Raspiboy. We really appreciated the transparency of this project. Kudos to the custom H3 board! Smile

Important notes:

1. The Retrostone, Orange Pis , Banana Pis (based on Allwinner CPU) and the Raspberry Pis as well are all Linux SBCs (single board computers). The operating system runs on EXT4 partition (linux only) so you won’t have native access to it using a Windows PC, unless you install 3rd party apps.

2. To download and flash an image, follow the basic instructions thread.  First boot (and reboot) should take up to 3 minutes (will adjust SDcard capacity, generate SSH keys and reboot automatically). Rebooting sometimes fail , so if this happens, turn off the unit and try again. It should then boot to EmulationStation frontend. Wait for the system to reboot automatically, dont turn off the device! 

3. Controls are already mapped, so it's ready for operation. There are no roms included (forbidden by law). Check this thread to learn how to add roms. 

4. The side button is configured to run a rescue/reboot script in case something goes wrong. 

5. Official support is made exclusively through these boards, so create yourself an account and help improving the software!