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Skyscraper? - Beads3 - 09-15-2018

Hey everyone,

Curious, has anyone attempted or had any luck with getting Skyscraper to work on the Retrostone? I got half way through the installation process and then got hung up when I tried downloading the actual file from GitHub. It responded with permission denied. Im not sure how to get around this. I know there should be a password I can type in but there is no prompt to put it into. Any help would be awesome. Thanks!


RE: Skyscraper? - Marco Verhoeven - 10-01-2018

Maybe you first need to uninstall some things you don’t use. Some emulators that you don’t use. I also got some errors when i tried to install new things. When i uninstalled some things the errors didn’t accure anymore. I don’t know if skyscraper works on orangepi.

RE: Skyscraper? - Marco Verhoeven - 11-12-2018

Well i finally installed Skyscraper and it works really ok. Didn’t installed into retropie but with the help of this: