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Tritium H3 - Liontek1985 - 01-04-2019

Hello Guys

Have anyone a Tritium H3 (ALL-H3-CC H3 1GB) board

In the Retrorangepi Slim image  iam dont find the script.bin to configure the board

have anyone a idea, who i can find the script bin in boot folder bin iam don't find it

best regards Fredy

RE: Tritium H3 - Liontek1985 - 01-14-2019

for the other users, Tritium H3 use flash spi

configuration with overlays in armbianEnv.txt not over script.bin

i test it settings overclock and more i give a answer with much settings options

RE: Tritium H3 - alexkidd - 01-14-2019

thanks for the info, we dont have the board to test