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orange pi 3 has released - HnAw - 02-07-2019

The cpu has 1.8 Ghz of this new board, how many time is necesary for get a ropi version for it?

RE: orange pi 3 has released - Liontek1985 - 02-08-2019

look @ the video the performance is bad.... the problem is now have the board not a good support this need time to become the full performance from the board!

The 1.8Ghz is only a boost clock i have readed the soc have 1.5ghz with 1.8ghz boost.

alex have many work with the A64 and H5 wait for this release, H6 have a dual GPU and H5 a quad-core gpu in tests is the performance from the 450MP4(H5) faster.
The 2D Games need more CPU-Performance, the most 3D-Games need more GPU-Performance.