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ROPI AliXpress Box? - djcasl - 02-17-2019

Hello Everybody,

I am a fan of wicked gamer and collector channel, and saw this video 
It is about this TV Game Box on AliExpress GameBox_Link
When you scroll down you see a ROPI 4.0 menu, but I cannot make out the mainboard.
Is this just someone ripping of screenshots? Because there is an disclaimer that hardware is never sold with your installation.
But if the chinese market is using your images, I guess they think it's pretty solid word tje ROPI team is doing.

Just wondering about thoughts on this forum and maybe someone recognizes the mainboard


RE: ROPI AliXpress Box? - alexkidd - 02-17-2019

we have no involvement with that product. Some of software included in ROPi is non commercial , so they’re in breach of licenses, not to mention the inclusion of roms, putting our opensource image at risk.

Edit: it looks like a custom H3 board.

RE: ROPI AliXpress Box? - djcasl - 02-17-2019

Hope these products don't put you and the rest of the ROPI team at any legal risk. Keep up the good work guys.