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CGA 15hz Arcade Monitor - ribasrogerio - 05-02-2019

Hello guys, I know almost nothing about linux, just the basics.

I have an OPI 2 Plus and I'm using ROPI 4.1. , I want to use them in a homemade arcade cabinet, with the help of Forúm the GPIO controls are working. Now comes a new challenge, I have a 15hz CGA tube monitor, an HDMIxVGA converter/adapter and a GBS-8100 VGA to CGA video converter, I wonder if it's possible to connect the card and make ROPI work. From what I researched in Retropie and Raspberry you need to change the config.txt file.

RE: CGA 15hz Arcade Monitor - ribasrogerio - 05-07-2019

Sorry but I did not remember that I had the same topic that I opened myself