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Music games croaks - cyborg - 07-21-2019

Hi guys, my problem, as the title suggests, is that in many mame games, the music goes jerky and is very annoying. I use the Retrorange version pi v.4.2 and use mame 2003 v.0.78, with the book emulator.
 Thank you.

RE: Music games croaks - alexkidd - 07-21-2019

what board and does it happen with specific roms or in general?

RE: Music games croaks - cyborg - 07-23-2019

(07-21-2019, 10:20 PM)alexkidd Wrote: quale board e succede con rom specifiche o in generale?

The board is the orange pi Lite, the games are many, like: After Burner 2, Alien 3 - The Gun, Avenging Spirit, Battle k-Road, Cisco Heat ... in short, there are many, unfortunately.
Thanks for the interestingly Alex, I really appreciate it.

RE: Music games croaks - alexkidd - 07-24-2019

Some games are more demanding , they’ll need a newer mame core (mame2010 or mame2014). Some will have glitches as orange pi is not powerful enough to run them

edit: tested some of the games and i dont have the same behaviour , i will test more and let you know

RE: Music games croaks - cyborg - 07-27-2019

Meanwhile, thank you very much Alex.
for the romset mame 2014 (libretro), do you mean the 0.159 version? in the case, I have to install the 2014 mame or the romset I can insert it in the mame versions already present in retrorange pi?
I have also tried the 2010 mame version libretro version 0.139, but the problem seems the same, the number of roms with audio that crackles is lower than the 2003 version.
Thanks again Alex.