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OPi Plus 2E for CPS-1/2/3 - dimon1917 - 11-06-2019

1) Hello, tell me please where to drop rom for CPS-1/2/3, on 4.2 there was a folder for them, now it is absent, but I want to play these games.

2) Tell me you can return Quake 2 from version 4.2 of the image since it was working there, it also starts here, but there is a bug (when you do not move the black screen obscures everything right up to the sights.

3) I understood the reason why background music does not start when it turns off an orange on a hot outlet, and not the power off. It is treated only by reinstalling the image.

4) Armbian does not start from the emulator main menu, only through the RetroOrangePie menu.

P.S. sorry if something is wrong, english is not my native language.

RE: OPi Plus 2E for CPS-1/2/3 - ZeroHager - 11-10-2019


Same here  Tongue , thanks for the post.

For the background music, in my case, sometimes starts and sometimes not.


RE: OPi Plus 2E for CPS-1/2/3 - Broos-E - 11-13-2019

I put my CPS-1/2/3 folders in the fba folder

RE: OPi Plus 2E for CPS-1/2/3 - dimon1917 - 11-15-2019

Thank you so much for the answers.

1) Yes, that's right, I also throw roms in the FBA, but CPS-3 does not want to start in any way, which I did not change only in the settings. I tried bios from RetroOrangePie 4.2 to copy does not work.

2) The new OrangePie 4.3 has a lot of advantages: the installation screen, you can control the joystick in the desktop, the browser also works better and there is sound in YouTube. BUT the Nintendo64 games are buggy, maybe the question is in the BIOS, but from OrangePie 4.2 it does not help.

P.S. For myself, I decided to just change sd with the necessary games.
Thanks to the creators of the software for the titanic work.

RE: OPi Plus 2E for CPS-1/2/3 - alexkidd - 11-15-2019

Can you example cps3 and n64 that doesn’t work so I can try them myself
Thanks a lot
Btw , quake2 is a different port now, I might revert to the older one(working on top of Armbian desktop)

RE: OPi Plus 2E for CPS-1/2/3 - dimon1917 - 11-17-2019

1) There are not many games released on CPS-3, but such as Street Fighter III: New Generation or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure cannot be launched, they refuse to work. Changed all sorts of emulator settings, do not leave anything.

2) On n64 everything starts, but it works with lags, the picture is slower in comparison with OrangePie 4.2, although there may be a mistake in the fact that I unzipped the zip and run it in the usual .z64 format

3) Could you tell me how to return to the old quake2, the new port starts up, but as I said above, no settings for the video card and extensions bring a satisfactory result, everything is covered with a black veil as soon as you stop moving the mouse.

Thank you so much for the answers, you are a great person.

RE: OPi Plus 2E for CPS-1/2/3 - alexkidd - 11-17-2019

1) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Street Fighter III 3rd strike work for me (from neogeo folder and lr-fbneo core)
You need the no-cd version of the roms.
-rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 54257031 Dec 14 2016
-rw-r--r-- 1 pi pi 70592168 Jan 29 2017

2) N64 Performance may be slightly worse than 4.2 as it's a new kernel in 4.3, but Mario Kart worked fine for me with the mupen64plus-rice emulator

3) I still have to test if the older version will work with the new build