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Orange Pi Pc+ DosBox troubles - Hotab777 - 01-14-2020

Hello, all.
I installed ropi4.3 on my Orange Pi Pc+ and almost everything works wonderful! Many thanks to builders of this distro. But the libreto lr-dosbox preinstalled - is too slow... On my son's RPi3 retropie have non-libreto DosBox preinstalled, and it work's great, so I decided to install non-libreto dosbox on my PiPc+ from sources in packages. It says about can't install libsdl1.2-dev and some dependent packages cause of unmet dependencies in libsdl1.2. I install dependent packages one after another, so I can install libsdl1.2-dev. After that non-libreto DosBox succesfully compiled from sources in packages of RetroPi. And I can choose it as default emulator when I starting dos game from emustation, and game runs too much better than in libreto dosbox. But... It runs only about 1/4 of screen (1920*1080 resolution). And this is not a so big trouble, cause main trouble - that mouse don't work...(in libreto dosbox it works). 
So, can somebody help about not working mouse, and maybe with screensize...
P.S: sorry for my bad english.

RE: Orange Pi Pc+ DosBox troubles - alexkidd - 01-14-2020

standalone emu Dosbox SDL2 is installed already , no need to compile again, mouse was working
anyway, to tweak resolution, editing config files should be enough.
check /home/pi/.dosbox or /opt/retropie/configs/pc folders


RE: Orange Pi Pc+ DosBox troubles - Hotab777 - 01-17-2020

Hi. Thanks for build and for answers. I already tried change configs for dosbox in "opt/...." and it didn't work for change screensize... Also dosbox-sdl2 not starts at all in log it says "can't init SDL No available video device". Also i tested "dosbox-sdl2" binary from armbian desktop, and it starts. I think the trouble in correct working sdl and driver libraries...

RE: Orange Pi Pc+ DosBox troubles - alexkidd - 01-17-2020

copy SDL2 libraries to default folder, try:

sudo cp -av /usr/local/lib/libSDL2* /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/

RE: Orange Pi Pc+ DosBox troubles - Hotab777 - 01-18-2020

Yes,it solved problem with starting dosbox-sdl2. Now it starts, ty. Also,it reads config file from /home/pi/.dosbox-sdl2 not from/opt/... So I totally launched it in fullscreen with working mouse, big thanks! Problem totally solved!