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Games support? - Annapurna - 10-14-2020

what games can I run on an Orange? Also are there any versions with more than 1GB ram and if not yet are they planned? Also one more question: what kind of music software does it support? By music software I don't mean Spotify but rather something that I can make music with. Thank you.

RE: Games support? - OliviaJackson1964 - 10-14-2020

From what I can tell you about gaming it can run various emulators for older games, such as for PSX, PSP, Nintendo 64 etc. For ones without emulating the games before 2003 should be possible to run at acceptable framerate, although there is no guarantee it will work flawlessly.

As for music creation, you can try MilkyTracker. It's very lightweight and all you need are samples or instruments you will use for it.