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Per-system configuration
I am trying to put per-system bezels (and some other stuff) in retroarch. I followed this suggestion and it worked, but not 100%. This method saves the changes in the file \\retrorangepi\configs\all\retroarch\config\<corename>\<corename>.cfg. But there are some systems that use the same core (for example, Master System and Mega Drive both use the lr-picodrive core), so we cannot have different bezels for them.

I also tried editing \\retrorangepi\configs\<system>\retroarch.cfg and adding the input_overlay parameter above the #include line, but it didn't work at all. I suppose those retroarch.cfg files are not actually used, after all?

Is there a way to actually have per-system (as seen in emulationstation) and not per-core configuration?
As discussed in Facebook, you need to change emulators.cfg for the platform, so configs/<system>/retroarch.cfg is used instead. Copying all/retroarch.cfg to <system> folder will work fine. We decided to set a single retroarch.cfg from 'all' folder , so the changes (aspect ratio for example) would work for all systems. If/when we find an optimal settings, we might change it in the next update.
Yes I already figured that much. But why copy the /all/retroarch.cfg to <system> folder? The #include line doesn't work? I mean, can't I just add the lines I want to override in the /<system>/retroarch.cfg, then #include the /all/retroarch.cfg file for the rest?
It should work, but in 3.0.1 we had major issues with the #include line, many complaints configs didnt work well, harder to set system wide configs so we just gave up
Anyway, if it works, it works

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