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H3Droid - Android image developed specifically to work on Allwinner H3 devices
Hey All!

New / Fixed in H3Droid version 1.3.1:
- H3resc: added tv out enabler in display config
- H3resc: reboot menu changes
- H3resc: added hdcp toggler (for green Armbian syndrome)
- H3resc: enabled numlock by default
- Fixed usb wifi dongles (oops.)
- Fixed cpu type display in settings
- Fixed ssh keypair generation and 'rootsh' command
- Fixed samba bug in filemanager app (crash when interface is up but not configured)
- Added more usb dongles (untested): ath9k_htc, ath6k_usb
- H3ii: added opi+ detection (usb should work now with H3ii install)
- uboot: fixed 'd' for droid
- Added AR1100 support file (idc)
- Initial mockup of additional navbar buttons (power button is not doing anything at the moment)

We apologize for the delay in releasing this version but due to bugs an a lack of people to alpha test things are taking a bit longer as we progress to fully test.

If you have time to be an alpha tested we would welcome you to come by our IRC channel #H3droid on Freenode IRC network and get in touch with us.  We are happy to provide testing access to those who have time to go through the image and provide useful feedback.  We will soon be planning to add the alpha channel to auto-update in H3resc for those who participate, so it will make testing even easier!

The FEL installer is currently in BETA and we are looking for people to test here as well.  You can find the current BETA software on the new Fel Installer page on our website!

As always, please feel free to provide feedback here on the forum, on our feedback form or come chat with us on IRC in #H3Droid on Freenode!

Thanks again to everyone who has provided their time and support to H3Droid!


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