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Neo Geo game art not showing in ES?
Howdy all thx for a place to ask a few questions and get support.
I think this is to do with Retrorangepi but I'll accept if it isnt. I'm just working through the issue and starting here coz peeps around here seem pretty friendly and helpful.

I've recently acquired a Retrostone and contrary to some reviews, I'm lovin it. I also run a Retropie RasPi3 rig with double fight stick etc which I've fiddled with and tweaked and so I'm somewhat familiar with getting things done. Enough to get me in and out of trouble here and there.

I've managed to get the Universal XML Scraper to run through my Retrostone installed SNES and NES ROMs but I'm not getting the same results for my Neo Geo ROMs. 

I'm getting the images downloaded but when I put them in a folder called 'images' in the folder with the ROMs (as I've done for SNES and NES) I'm not getting any art in ES when looking at the Neo Geo games. This has worked for SNES and NES. I have ensured each picture is named as per the rom and has '_image' added to the file name as per the SNES and NES folders. But nothing I do will make the art come up in ES when looking at my Neo Geo list. I've restarted ES and done complete system reboots.

I have a funny feeling I had a similar issue with the Neo Geo setup on my Retropie setup and have scoured the folder structure but can't seem to find anything to resolve this issue.

As I've said, its not the scarping thats the issue, I'm getting images downloaded, its getting ES to see the Neo Geo game art files and display them.

Again, thanks for the space to get support. I appreciate any assistance regarding this small but noticable issue with my setup.

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Neo Geo game art not showing in ES? - by SKT73 - 09-12-2018, 12:34 AM

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