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Hide "RETROPIE" menu in emulationstation, music disappears.
Ciao ragazzi, uso OrangePi Lite, con la versione 4.2 di RetrOrangePi.
Ho nascosto il menu "RETROPIE" nella home di Emulationstation, rinominando la cartella "RETROPIEMENU" trovata in:

Home -> PI -> RetroPie.

La cartella è stata rinominata in "RETROPIEMENU1".
Ok, tutto funziona, il menu "RETROPIE" in Emulationstation è scomparso, ma con esso anche la musica di sottofondo e lo screensaver non iniziano più.
Ti chiedo, hai qualche altra soluzione, per nascondere il menu Retropie in Emulationstation?
Molte grazie.
RetrOrangePi/Background_Music is a subfolder of RetroPie menu
open an issue in our github to improve the functionality
Thank you very much for your interest in Alex, so either I keep the RetroPie menu with the music and the screensave, or I remove the Retropie menu and with it the music and the rest? Quite right?

I need to remove the RetroPie menu, as playing my daughter, it has messed everything up twice already and I had to install it all over again.
For now it is like that, but maybe we can improve the feature, by separating the background music script, we’ll try to fix before upcoming release
Thank you very much Alex for the quick reply, I really appreciate it. I will wait for the near distro then, for now I will do without the background music.
A hug.

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