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User manual for the Plus 2E?
The launch of the Plus 2E has been very badly handled by Xunlong. No manual, no quick start guide, few OS files ready for it, not even a simple picture with callouts for the ports, buttons etc like they have for the other models. It's not simply a Plus 2 with an E tacked on, there's a bunch of differences. No USB hub, all 4 ports are direct from the H3, different networking chips too.

Someone over there needs their pants glued to a chair in front of a computer until they get this support material online. All this stuff should be ready BEFORE a product is ready to sell. This board first shipped in May *seven months ago*. There's simply no excuse for this lack of info from the manufacturer.

They're doing a very good job of emulating Sega's disastrous launch of the Saturn game console where they had minimal info available in advance for game companies and the SDK wasn't finished either. Programmers had no clue how to use all the console's features.
(12-12-2016, 06:29 AM)Galane Wrote: The launch of the Plus 2E has been very badly handled by Xunlong.

So what? They listened to us (the community) and followed our advises.

As usual you find most comprehensive information in linux-sunxi wiki:

Supporting the device in Armbian was also a no-brainer (took me maybe an hour):

Xunlong was supportive as usual and sent out developer samples to interested devs.

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