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1680x1050 DVI ...everything is gone Beelink X2
Hello to everybody and Merry Christmas
I have prepared the microSD...put it in my Beelink X2...
Some activity is displayed by the front LED flashing in different colors...
Ok i have SSH connection
I connect to the Beelink....i run h3disp (h3disp -m 36 -d) monitor is 1680x1050 DVI ....HDMI --> DVI cable..
I reboot....bellink has a nice solid blue LED....nothing is just dead...
No nothing...any ideas?
looks like it's not a good resolution to use.
On the plain armbian distro works just FINE....thats why it troubles me...
Maybe because EmulationStation runs in the framebuffer, in HDMI standard resolutions (720p or 1080p). So, anything different than that makes hard for us to guess, as we also don't have a monitor like that to troubleshoot
I'll check with Stevie when he gets back from holiday, as he owns a Beelink IIRC.
Great thanks alexkidd...
I will try to finish the installation of RP on my other monitor that is full HD and try then to change the resolution...
Reporting Back:
Good News: 1080p monitor installation works fine and everything is visually great
Bad News: no 1680x1050 soon u change to it ...bye bye...
More Important: KODI does not have all that cool GUI with beatifull menu and movie thumbnails but movies just don't play....also KODI does not detect;y 1280x720 no matter what
What videos did you try to play? You can go into Desktop mode, and run kodi from terminal with this command: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib kodi-standalone;
You should be able to see the errors in terminal. My guess is a missing file containing the video player configuration.

You can also run OpenELEC from Start Menu - Apps
ok ...i will check...
any news on supporting would be really great if i could setup the system on my DVI monitor ...the furniture that will "host" my new TV is going to take a month or two

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