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Sigma RetroEngine
See and their FB page.

Does this device runs ROPi?
If it does, it's not with our knowledge or "permission".
There's been at least two threads in Orange Pi FB group, in which we've expressed our thoughts.
Also posted in Retropie forum:
I think they should be asked to comply with GPL.
Yes it is running ORPi, it is nothing but RetroPi Lite board
This is directly related to my first thread I just posted.

Having backed this project and received it, I wasnt aware it used Orange Pi Lite board and RetrOrangePi.

Around 7000 of us were duped into buying this on a promise of plug n play but it was far from it, to the point where in my other thread i have explained that i have used your guys' newest image instead (which I have asked for help on as there are a few things like the missing scraper etc that are eluding me)

Its an OrangePi Lite board, with no heatsink or fan in an enclosed box, with the ethernet port removed, with a *very* badly patched version of RetrOrangePi installed to make it look like their own.

Ive already emailed Doyodo who marketing and sold this POS to us in an effort to get our money back.
I got one as a gift.  I guess I was lucky because I haven't had any problems with it.  Before I got it I knew nothing about the pi boards.  Now I'm planning on buying a few more (pi boards NOT RE Sigmas!).  It appears that inside my Sigma I have an Orange Pi Lite with 1GB of ram instead of 512MB.  I added a heat sink to the SOC to keep things cool.  I am a complete noob to both Pi boards and linux.  I'm going to have to put linux on one of my pc's to learn more.   I have a steep learning curve ahead.  

Anyway back to the point.  I have two questions:
1)  Aside from the 2 buttons and customized splash screens does anyone know what if anything is different between a base RetroEngine ROPI (REROPI) and ROPI install?  At some point I'll probably do a fresh ROPI 4.0 install but I do like the function of the two buttons.  I suppose once I learn enough I'll be able to implement them in ROPI 4.0
2)  Is there an app or somewhere in the desktop that I can check CPU temp?
3)  ok I just thought of a 3rd as I was finishing typing #2.  I'll probably try it for S&Gs anyway but what would happen if I ran the ROPI 4.0 upgrade script on REROPI?
1) and 3) from what we've seen, base system is exactly the same, so update to v4 is likely to work with minor bugs
2) not an app, but you can run an Armbian script from command line - 'sudo armbianmonitor -m '

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