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TV settings
This is not directly related to ROPi but rather to screen/TV settings.

Sometimes I need to do something in command line. While grey/white characters appear OK on screen, the coloured are blurred to the extent they are unreadable (eg. editing shell script in Vim when using any colour scheme). Is there anything I could do about this?
have you tried to use fbset? Maybe you could get a few settings (like depth) to help you with that
Unfortunately none of framebuffer settings has anything to do with this. Will try with fbterm instead of fbcon, I already used this before on x86 system years ago and the effect was stunning.
Contemporary systemd-based linuxes are beyond my ability to understand WTF is going on under the hood so my rungetty + fbterm combo has to be set back, I failed to properly set systemd autovt@.service so rungetty could launch fbterm and call login program (it calls rungetty then agetty is started anyway).

I found that all I have to do to get readable colourized text in vt on my LG 1080p TV is to change console font to 10x20 Terminus Bold and do not use black background. Bit of compromise I think but I will live with this. Wink

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