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How to Remove "Armbian desktop" ?
I had some experience with Retropie, but I'm new into Retrorange, I prefer to have more space for games than a desktop server, so I want to remove everything i don't need:

I suppose had to remove Xfce and X server using something similar to:

sudo apt-get --purge remove "pagkages"

supdo apt-get autoremove

sudo apt-get clean

But what are those "packages" ?

try to remove xfce4* , xfconf and xfwm4 , there are also a few libraries, like libx11*, that will probably give you more space, be aware without Desktop, a few emulators that rely on X will break
my recommendation is to learn to setup an external drive (i got an 1TB plugged in Smile )
"a few emulators that rely on X will break" ouch!

maybe I will check every emulator I used on retropie, i'm pretty sure that they don't need X to work.

Anyway, i'll do a backup before!
Retropie on raspberry is not equal to orange pi port, libretro cores wont need X, amiga, coleco, intellivision, etc will

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