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Controller works on ES, but not emulators and other issues on Pi Lite
Hello all. 

I have a Pi Lite and downloaded the most recent image from the orangepi website, 3.01.  I imaged my sd card and started up ES.

I went through the controller setup process using a mayflash wiiU pro controller adapter that I had been using no my Rasp Pi, and the controller works fine in EmulationStation, but when I start any emulator, the controller no longer works.  Likewise it doesn't work on any of the config menus (grey on blue windows) and I have to switch to a USB keyboard.  This leads to another oddity with my keyboard.  My board doesn't work at all in EmulationStation.  Lastly, it looks like my emulators are all defaulting to 480i while ES is running at 1080p, is there no way for the emulators to inherit resolution from ES?


I'm also notcing some other odd things. The "read this first" post on the forums states that emulators will only appear in the ES menu when there are roms in their respective folders. All my emus are already showing up with no roms in the folders Also, the videos I see online for retrorangepi all show a "Desktop" item in the ES system selector. Mine doesn't have that option. Is this normal?
controller: most common controllers work fine out of the box as soon as you map them in EmulationStation, emulators input settings are also automatically set. Maybe wiiU pro is not properly supported in older kernel like ours. Try to change input settings. Check if it shows up in retroarch menu: settings - input - Input 1 binds - User 1 device index. Also check for errors in terminal, run 'dmesg'

keyboard: also works fine, but you need to map it in the same way as a controller (press start - configure input - press/hold key). Also check for errors in terminal, run 'dmesg'.

resolution: no OPI Lite reported this before, did you update or upgrade anything? Resolution is not inherited from ES, but they should be fullscreen out of the box. Check your video settings: change aspect ratio, maybe it helps

emus showing: forgot to update, since 3.0 we are using dummy roms, so most common emulators already show up in the menu; you can disable them from Start menu or emptying the roms folders. Desktop launcher is now integrated in ES Start Menu - Apps, as stated in changelog. So everything normal.
Thank you for the quick responses.
Hi, I recently installed the newest version of ES for OP Lite and loaded everything with no issues. I only wanted the SEGA systems on my OP Lite and started removing all the other emulators through the retro pi setup. Once I was done ES booted up fine and the emulators run fine as well, but my controller which is a standard USB Saturn type controller doesn't work anymore on any of the emulators. My USB keyboard still works with ES and the emulators that I have installed, but my controllers dont seem to work no matter how many time I configure the controllers. The only programs I removed from retro pie setup was in the optional and experimental drivers sections. Your assistance would be appreciated.
are you on v3.0.1? Can you try unplugging and plugging while you're in game to see if retroarch recognizes your controller automatically?

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