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Kodi Not Working on OrangePI One
Kodi doesn't play videos on orange pi One but works on Orange Pi PC
Openelec works but doesn't play 4k videos, only 1920 (play on OrangePI PC)
Is something related to memory?
So how uninstall Kodi and save space?
I have Kodi working on OPi One, no problem at all. I never tested 4K tbh, dont have 4K TV. All i know it has limitations, no 10-bit files,, 4K@30hz etc
To remove kodi, sudo dpkg -r kodi should free a few megs
I have Kodi running in 1080p version 17 beta.  It works very good with a couple of notes.
I have been running it in debug mode so I can see how the Orange Pi 1 I have is working. I have noted the following
1. captioning gets out of sync sometimes by minutes.
2. Occasionally sound sync will get out but always comes back in within seconds.
3. I have run several movies and the cpu core scores are  100%  100% 100% and 95 to 98%    Magical beasts  and hidden figures both pushed the unit into these numbers but it never quit functioning smoothly.

4 I do not have a fan or cooler on the unit and it does get warm.
5 I am using sndhdmi for audio output
6 connected using standard ethernet

Is there a way to setup core temp logging to see if throttling is occurring?

There is a slightly newer stable version of Kodi 17, will an upgrade break the system ?

I love my orange pi's ... great fun

thanks in advance for any advice
so it wasnt only a couple of notes, hehee... I believe upgrade wont work, because Kodi was installed from source/deb. Probably it wont bring any noticeable improvement anyway.

how are you checking cpu usage? SSH? if it is, run sudo armbianmonitor -m and you'll have full logs. Also, run htop and check if MPV is being used. Depending on your video files, you're getting software decoding (very likely)
CPU usage is a debug function within kodi itself.
this is all running from the retropie image
memory usage is never near max usually running about 40% of the 512M available
and typically around 25fps
I have not connected remotely to test system while running
I have not learned how to read the log file data yet

I had the system running so I logged in using putty (ssh)

htop does not show MPV anywhere in the list

I also tried ps -ef
   again no MPV in the list

armbianmonitor -m show the temps are 73 to 79 C. I did not see any temp above 80C.  But I expect that a heatsink/fan to cool will help
and the cpu freqs are sitting @ 912Mhz  and occasionally 1104, 1200 even as low as 768...  768 seen rarely

I am not sure how to tell which core is  on which line
Something's wrong and you've only builtin videoplayer without hw acceleration. Edit or create playercorefactory.xml in /home/pi/.kodi/userdata with the following:

pi@RetrOrangePi:~$ cat .kodi/userdata/playercorefactory.xml
<player name="mpv" type="ExternalPlayer" video="true">
<args>--vo=vdpau --hwdec=vdpau --hwdec-codecs=all --fs --sub-auto=all</args>
<rules action="prepend">
<rule video="true" player="mpv"/>
Checked for mpv presence OK
created .kodi/userdata/playercorefactory.xml  it was not present
rebooted the system and interestingly the cpu core info from kodi debug is present on screen until a movie is played
putty in has the core usage down 72% or less   memory usage   is much higher
    1200  1056  1104   and 912  are generally the freq displayed
  temps are still up to 78 C  so I will add a heatsink and fan
units runs Ok with some "stutter"  usually at the start of movie
  MPV is usually 7 processes running

The version of Kodi is
   Kodi 17-Beta6  Git:2016-11-09 2a148ae-dirty
  Retropie 3.4.113

I do get intermittent control glitches when selecting items
eg  exodus genres scrolling down will get to bottom entry blink and I am now midway down the selections
available on screen

This is all running on OrangePi 1 v1.1
It's very likely you're trying to play not compliant videos , so it falls to software decoding.
what are the video specs?
Today I added s small "heat sink"  a solid copper block  and the system ran as follows:

after 1 hour streaming online movie in kodi 17.0
   1080p video quality

     1 cpu freq's always between 1200 and 1008
     2 cpu loads were always under 50%
     3 cpu temperatures never exceeded 68 C
     4 MPV 7 processes showing in htop
     5 memory usage was consistently around 90%
     6 sound never out of sync with video

network issues caused occasional stalling but the unit ran very nicely.

now onto setting up kodi and joystick control.
which version of  qjoypad is loaded comes first
Config qjoypad in armbian desktop, there is a standalone application. Layout is called kodi-gamepad

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