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Mupen64Plus standalone emulator
Alright, guys, let's start rolling a few more updates from now on. As promised, we'll do our best to release quick updates instead of full blown images.

Here is Mupen64Plus standalone emulator (from the awesome odroid community). I added two extra bonuses for you: hires textures for Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64, which by the way seems to be running better, no more audio glitches when driving on the sand. [Image: 1f642.png]

Still work-in-progress. Make sure you have a keyboard to quit the emulator. Will fix this soon, sorry about that.

To install:

1. run Retropie-Setup from retropie section
2. select Update RetroPie-Setup script
3. manage packages - optional packages
4. select mupen64plus from list and wait 'til it's installed
5. download and copy to /home/pi/.config/mupen64plus/ (press Ctrl H if you're using File Manager to view hidden folders)

6. next time you run a game , press button when launching screen appears so you can switch to Mupen


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