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HOWTO upgrade system without crash it with sudo apt-get upgrade
This is my first howto so be patien, probably I will need to edit some times with your comments Wink

Exclamation note than iif tried to upgrade the system without lock the apropiate packages the system will crash and you will need to reinstall the sd card image. Exclamation

1st please be aware that I can not have any responsability if something goes wrong on your system and it crash and you need to format it and re-image it.
please read 2 times the complete post to understand what we are doing before to attempt to do it step by step.

if you have several SD cards I will recomend you to use a new image of retrorange pi on one of them to test it if your system is a different than OPI PC or OPI PC plus than I have tested please share the names of the packages on your sytems so we can make a list of packages for system.

I don't know exactly witch package upgrade causes the crash of the system when upgrade it, but there are some suspect packages, so the idea is to lock this packages on his actual version to avoid system to upgrade them automaticly.

Every system (OPI PC, OPI PC PLUS, OPI Litle, OPi Zero etc ) has his own packages names for kernel and linux. so be aware of the system you are using and the names of the packages you need to lock.

I only have tested it on my own systems OPI PC Plus and OPI PC, so I will provide you the names for this packages on this systems.
Maybe I have lock more packages than necesary to avoid upgrade, but I am reporting the packages than  I have choose and for me are safe as I have already done on my systems.

I lock the packages initially on my first system with the sypnactics on the X enviroment, but then when return to console and try sudo apt-get upgrade the packages was sitll ready to upgrade, so I look for another way to lock the packages on the apt-get upgrade console command..
so here are the steps.

Lock This packages for an  Arrow    OPI PC plus 
1 exit from emulation station to console.

2 update the packages list with
sudo apt-get update

3 run this commands one by one on the console to lock the packages for linux, kernel sunsi, etc with this commands , one line per package.

echo 'linux-jessie-root-orangepipcplus hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'linux-u-boot-orangepipcplus-default hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'armbian-firmware-full hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'armbian-tools-jessie hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'initramfs-tools hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'libcedrus1 hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'libmali-sunxi-r3p0 hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'libvdpau-sunxi1 hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'libvdpau1 hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'linux-headers-sun8i hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'linux-image-sun8i hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'linux-libc-dev hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'mali-sunxi-utils hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'sunxi-tools hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'xserver-xorg-video-fbturbo hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections

5 after all the relevant packages locked, run the upgrade and verify than it say than packages are locked on hold and click on yes to upgrade systems, but before click on yes check that there are 2 list, 1st list are the packages locked, 2nd list are the packages to upgrade
sudo apt-get upgrade

6 wait for several minutes until it finish and reboot system
sudo reboot

7 enjoy with the system upgraded


for an Arrow   OPI PC we need to replace the first two lines of the packages to lock with

echo 'linux-jessie-root-orangepipc hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections
echo 'linux-u-boot-orangepipc-default hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections


maybe if someone try it can write his comments if works ok for him too, or if I have missed some steps on the howto.

also if someone want to try it on another system like opi litle,
in order to know the packages that need upgrade.
you can run this
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade  (and chose no when ask to proceed)

then on the list of packages to upgrade look for the name of the linux packages to lock it with the command
echo 'NAME OF THE PACKAGE hold' |sudo dpkg --set-selections

if anyone probe it and also works for him, please comment your experience if there are any steep than need more explain, so I can modify if needed and will be easy for the next one.

If there is an expert around maybe can provide more or less packages names to fine the upgrade.

thanks for your time reading it
I am not an exper but will try to reply any question as better I can. Huh

Note than after upgrade it, I have test my systems, with retroarch mame, adv mame and amiga only and all works ok for me, but I haven't tested all the systems and I have a minimun set of roms, maybe I have upgrade some packages than crashed an indivual retro emulation but as I don't use it I dont know it fail, please comment with your experiences.
hope all is ok and also works for you Angel

maybe if an expert on retrorange pi read it, can support us and provide us a better list of packages not recomended to be upgraded. Huh
thanks again
This will probably be fixed into next version, but thanks anyway Rafael! Much appreciated!

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