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Volume control through multimedia keyboard
Hi to all,

I have "multimedia" keyboard (with volume up/down and mute buttons on it) attached to orange pi one with retrorangepi v 3.0.

How can I control volume (increase / decrease, mute) in emulationstation
It's very unlikely that this will work. Looks like this feature needs graphical desktop running (Xorg) and EmulationStation needs it terminated to work.
Hm..... Ok.
Another question: which audio subsystem retroorangepi used for audiooutput:
if alsa - why it not working while I change "lineout volume control"
if pulseaudio why i can't connect to "server"
It uses Alsa. Check /etc/asound.conf and /home/pi/.asoundrc , tweaking them should work.
IIRC, pulseaudio was not even included in stock version.

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