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PC+ Booting problem
Hello, I'm a noob. Have only had my Pi's for a couple of days. Have downloaded OS's and utilities from OrangePi main site and am trying to load up an operating system. I've been using Raspberry Pi for a while now, so I know how that gets done but I've struck a problem.
I've burnt three different OS's onto my SD card but they all seemed to produce the same chinese-language Android OS.

My sluggish brain finally decided that I should try to boot the Pi without the SD card in.  Unsurprisingly the card booted to exactly the same OS.

Clearly there is already an Android OS on the Pi's EMMC onboard memory and the boot procedure is ignoring the SD card.
Has anyone seen this problem?  An obvious cause could be that the SD card reader is faulty (the SD card reads/writes just fine in other machines).
Doe anyone have a workaround?


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